Below is information and presentations from the 2017 WACO Convention. Please contact the WACO office or the speaker directly with follow-up questions.

Wednesday, March 15th
CAMP Professionals 101 by Lori Severson
Technology for Campgrounds by Pete Hagen (Handouts: Handout #1 & Handout #2)
Outdoor Weather Safety for Campgrounds by Jeff Last (Handouts: Handout #1)
Making Your Smart Phone Smarter! by Jessica Malsack & Emily Truell
Security & Safety by Sheriff Mike Lukas
Training Your Seasonals to be Social by Carrie Geary
Facebook Advertising by Ann Illig
Craft Ideas Workshop by Diane Stanek & Renee Kollock
RV Quick Fixes & Standard Maintenance by Shawn Diamond

Thursday, March 16th
How to Double Your Bar & Campground Sales by Nick Fosberg
Making the Most out of Organizational Systems by Nick Fosberg
Panel: Social Media by Jill Brenner and Ann Illig
Mock Sales Tax Audits: Part 1 by Janet Abrams, Holly Hoffman & Dave Steines
Mock Sales Tax Audits: Part 2 by Janet Abrams, Holly Hoffman & Dave Steines
What is your HQ? by Larry Brownfield
Successful Bar Promotions by Pete Madland
Panel: Best Bar Ideas, Biggest Bar Blunders by Pete Madland, Lori Severson, Kim Krayecki, Mike Hagen & John Jaszewski
Activities & Ideas by Hannah Piper and Jim Button
Panel: Activities by Renee Kollock, Tia Anderson, Tiffany Pargman, Hannah Piper
Panel: Lessons Learned by Alice Ward, Jim Button & Leland Nelson
Banker + Accountant = Sale by Bud Styer
Navigating State Regulations & Issues by Joe Knilans
Meeting the Requirements as an Employer by Mark Hazelbaker
DNR Round Table
Low and No Cost Marketing Promotions by Jeff Slutsky
Campground Frequently Asked Questions and Answers by Mary Ellen Bruesch and Jim Kaplanek (Handouts: Handout #1)
Bed Bugs by Samantha Fiscus
Cash Management and Q&A by Larry Brownfield

Friday, March 17th
Keeping Customers Engaged Year Round by Tia Anderson
Organizing Your Business by Nancy Rothwell
Preparing To Sell by John Jaszewski
Federal and State Floodplain Campground Provisions by Michelle Staff
Add Ons and Upsells by Bud Styer
Resources for Small Businesses by Bill Smith (Handouts: Handout #1 & Handout #2)
Dealing with Town and County Approvals by Robert Welch
Current Electrical Code Update by Wade Elliot
Campground Manager Software@/BookYourSite Assert Demo & User Group Meeting by Jim Amadio
Personality Styles by Lori Severson
Panel: Putting on Special Events by Wade Asher, Lori Severson &Randy Isaacson
Adjusting Your Insurance To Address New Risks & Exposures by Rex Dachenbach
Navigating North: The Path to Effective Leadership by Larry Brownfield
Benefits to Partnering with by Matt Garcia and Robert Marshall
Panel: Man Cave by Ade Elliot, Jim Button, Scott Kollock, Adam Malsack, and Bert Davis
Standing Up For Yourself by Mark Hazelbaker
Handling Accidents and Injuries by Mark Hazelbaker