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“To promote and protect the camping experience”

WACOColorLogo - No BackgroundWACO – a non-profit association, is a federation of private Wisconsin campgrounds dedicated to the promotion, usage, growth and improvement of campgrounds in the State of Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Association of Campground Owners was formed to help campers select a private campground in Wisconsin that lives up to the highest standards of quality camping. We want to improve your family camping experience by making it a pleasant, relaxing and rewarding outdoor experience at our campgrounds.

Members range from primitive parks to luxurious camping resorts, both large and small. The amount of development, activities, facilities and types of recreation, rental opportunities, as well as nearby attractions and conveniences, are featured in our listings, giving you the opportunity to select the campground that appeals to the personal requirements of you and your family. WACO members welcome campers of all abilities. For individual ADA accommodations and facilities, please contact the campground directly.

Wisconsin offers an outstanding variety of recreational and cultural opportunities for the whole family to enjoy while camping. The many lakes, rivers, hills, streams and valleys provide scenic beauty and sporting activities beyond compare. The wide variety of sporting events, local festivals and attractions, which are located throughout the State, will provide many hours of fun and entertainment for every member of your family. Whether traveling across a county, a state or our nation, Wisconsin is the best place to spend your leisure time.

Camping is a perfect opportunity for family togetherness. Have an enjoyable stay at a WACO member campground this season. When registering, mention that you saw them on the WACO Website.

The WACO Guarantee

SatisfactionGuaranteedThe WACO Guarantee is a full refund to any camper requesting a refund on campsite fees and leaving within one hour of check-in. This guarantee applies to campsite fees only and is not valid on holidays or holiday weekends.

The Campers Code

Considerate I will be considerate of other campers by respecting their rights. I will be courteous in my dealings with other campers, respecting their privacy, be in control of my children, and make sure my pets are on leashes and cleaned up after.

Cooperate I will cooperate with others in the campground and share responsibilities that are part of the camping experience. And I will obey the campground’s rules and regulations.

Cleanliness I will teach my children the importance of keeping the campsite clean. I will pick up litter and keep my area in a way that I can be proud of.

Conserve I will protect the environment and help guard our natural resources. I will strive to leave the environment, and in particular my area, in a way that is pleasing to those who follow.

Caution I will use caution with my camping equipment and always handle fuel and fire with the respect it demands.

Common Sense I will always try to use common sense in every situation and think things through before reacting rashly.

Firewood Movement in Wisconsin

Two quarantines exist in Wisconsin that affect firewood movement for the general public: A gypsy moth quarantine and a quarantine for emerald ash borer. Please note that loggers, timber haulers, and sawmills are already regulated and are not a concern. The inspections and certifications they require in order to transport hardwood firewood ARE NOT available to the general public.

For the full, color-coded map of quarantined counties, please click here.