The Wisconsin Association of Campground Owners is hosting an online auction!

RULES: Any one is able to join in on the auction by clicking on the auction link and filling out the form (found below). Each individual auction will last for 48 hours. After 24 hours, the highest bid will be announced online. Note: The person with the highest current bid will not be posted, just the amount. After 48 hours, the individual auction will close and a new item will be posted. The winner will be announced and contacted by the WACO office.

BIDS: When submitting a bid, each participant will be required to submit their name, email, phone number, and bid amount. Each bid must be a whole number or round to the nearest dollar. Participants are able to submit more than one bid knowing that their highest submitted bid will be taken.

Payments can be made by checks addressed to WACO or by credit card. All profits will go to The Wisconsin Association of Campground Owners.

Remember to follow Wisconsin Campers on Facebook for more auction items. Check out to find a campground perfect for your upcoming vacation!